Implementing a new system often requires technical expertise and business experience. Tekbiz can assist in implementation of new software, and focuses on:

  • Hardware/Software resources required.
  • Configuration of Software
  • Scripting for automation of deployment
  • Data Security
  • Implementation backout procedures and Scripting
  • Implementation in a Test environment
  • Cutover planning
  • Post implementation checklist

Further we have technical expertise in migration/cleansing of old data to the new system

Development & Coding

We specialize in database and Web application development. Leveraging decades of experience in the field in a variety of industries, we can quickly work on supporting complex business processes, gather requirements, design appropriate database structures, and develop and integrate applications. The applications developed include:

Using standard methodologies, technologies and platforms Tekbiz is able to develop and deliver efficiently. We specialize on Oracle, Sql Server for the backend databases, and Java/J2EE for the UI. Our development projects include both small and large, from 50 hours to multi-year projects.


IT Support provides IT support for small businesses. These are businesses that are not large enough to have an in-house IT staff. Our services are for maintenance and trouble-shooting of IT Application issues, dealing with other software/hardware vendors on behalf of the client. As IT becomes an integral part of the business, the Client often has to deal with complex technical issues in IT processing and work with a number of vendors to resolve these issues. This takes away valuable time and resources from the Core business activities. With Tekbiz on its side, the Client gets the benefit of having an IT Staff without paying the full price. Tekbiz is able to provide this service by being present at the Client premises for a limited amount of hours each week, and by remote connectivity to the Client's IT network.

Tekbiz also leverages this relationship to develop customized software to improve efficiency of the client's business processes. Such customized software include intranet applications, development of the Client's public website, and other applications as needed by the Client.

Database Design and Enhancement

Proper Database Design is crucial in the development of IT applications, as well in documentation of existing systems. Tekbiz has extensive experience in data analysis and database design, and can assist in the following:

Further we have developed several specialized database designs to support the service oriented architecture (SOA) to provide a set of standard services to multiple applications.

Application Testing

Tekbiz aims at supporting software Testing for the Client's IT developments. Often IT development teams focus on business requirements and development activities, and are short on resources and time to devote to testing. The risks of in-adequate testing often result in business disruption, and substantial turmoil among the IT staff.

Using a standard testing methodology that start with Test Strategy to Test plans, Test cases, use test cases, all of which map to requirements, Tekbiz can ensure that the delivered software is robust and of a high quality. With expertise in setting up test environments, use of testing tools and custom development of tools, along with custom data generation scripts and custom testing code, Tekbiz offers a way out for Client's who have a desire to produce high quality software, but lack the resources for comprehensive testing.

Web Application Development

A significant number of applications within a business run on its intranet. Tekbiz specializes in intranet and internet Web application development. Concentrating on the User Interface design with a view to making them concise and friendly, using charts/graphs wherever appropriate, understanding user behaviour are all critical in making an application useful to the enterprise. Tekbiz focuses on expertise in a number of UI areas from html/css/javascript to comprehensive UI packages such DOJO, Smartclient, thus enabling the development of sophisticated yet simple to use Web Apps.

The best practices in Web development are changing, and improvements are made on a regular basis. Keeping abrest of these changes, and taking the initiative to introduce and implement what is best of breed ensures that Tekbiz's customers are ahead/competitive in their industry.

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